*After her interview with Tom Joyner on the radio last week, Mary Shackelford Harvey also sat down with Deya “Direct” Smith of Girlfriend FM, which is featured on the new Tom Joyner TV.

In part 1, the controversial ex-wife of comedian, radio/TV host and author, Steve Harvey, spoke about the “death” of her marriage with the the so-called relationship guru, how she felt like giving up her own life at times, and what she hopes to offer others from this experience.

In part 2, Shackleford Harvey discussed her ex-husband’s title of “Relationship Guru,” addressed her dilemma with losing her son, and what women in her position can do to get through the hurt.

The difference with this interview, according to some observers, compared to others far, is that it was done “girlfriend-style” in that it came off like a candid, revealing conversation.

Check out the interview HERE and HERE.