*On Tuesday, EURweb.com was at the Taj nightclub in New York City for the “Welcome To New York” party for New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton.

Wait, dare we say star point guard?  Well, lets look at the numbers.  Power forward A’mare Stoudemire has been performing as advertised, but Raymond Felton was not expected to perform to the level at which he has thus far in the season.

He’s averaging career highs in points (17.2) and assist (9), and at times looks like he can be mentioned as one of the top 5 guards in the league.  Weak-willed individuals come to New York City and fail to rise to the challenge but it appears this former North Carolina Tarheel has been reborn.

“I just worked hard, man,” said Felton of his recent production. “I’ve got a lot to prove.”

And what of the Carmelo Anthony situation? “If it happens it happens, if it don’t it don’t.”

Yeah, that’s something we would expect for a professional athlete to say.  But he has to be giddy as a school girl, as any point guard would be, at the thought of having Carmelo Anthony on one wing and Stoudemire on the other.  We all love options.

Since he was the man of the hour, all manner of groupies, agents, wannabe girlfriends and possible leaches hovered around him like an asteroid belt, but he was kind enough to give EURweb.com some quotes in passing.  Of course we had to ask ‘How’s New York been treating you?’

“It been great,” said Felton. “I love it here.  It’s a little different being from the south, but I love it here!’

A ringing endorsement.  But, hey, what 20 something year old millionaire doesn’t like the Big Apple?  OK, so Felton was whisked away to the VIP and I needed some more quotes for my story when none other than the lovely Liris Crosse comes into view.  We learned that the actress/model (The Best Man, Baby Boy, He Who Covets, Conspiracy X) is shopping around a sports-oriented show, which we will expound upon further in an upcoming EURweb.com, but in the meantime she says she was at the event to give Raymond Felton some well-deserved props as well.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing,” said Cross of Felton’s arrival in NYC.  “The Knicks have definitely turned it around from last year.  Not only him, but A’mare as well. Let’s hope, keep our fingers crossed, the Carmelo Anthony situation comes to pass.  We definitely have a deep playoff contender if that happens.”

The event was sponsored by the Akoo clothing line with libations by Given Liquor.  Frankly I ended up wanting to give that drink right back. It’s garbage.  Also, props to Buzz Brand Marketing for giving us the heads up.  For more on Liris log onto www.liriscrosse.com or www.beautyishername.com.