*Uh oh, looks like the National Enquirer (and yes, us) got snookered by that O.J. Simpson prison beatdown report. According to TMZ, it didn’t happen:

Not only is it completely untrue that O.J. Simpson got his ass handed to him in a bloody prison fight recently — we’re told it’s SO untrue that when the Juice finally got wind of it … he couldn’t stop laughing.

Sources at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada tell TMZ, reports of Simpson being beaten to a “bloody pulp” during a prison yard fight were so ridiculous, guards pulled O.J. from his cell … just to tell him about the crazy rumors.

Simpson found the mass confusion incredibly entertaining — in fact, we’re told he “laughed his ass off” at reports of the racially-motivated prison attack.

For the record — an official rep for the prison told TMZ that there have been “no incidents regarding O.J. in any shape or form.”