*Yesterday we reported that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick canceled on Oprah. Well according to Philly’s Fox 29, the Eagles requested the super star player to drop the ball on the interview.

Since the team placed a pricy franchise tag on Vick, he’s basically at the mercy of his check writers.

A spokesperson for the “Oprah” show stated that Vick actually made the call late Tuesday night after he received the franchise tag ($16-20 million for the 2012 season). He said he had to cancel for personal reasons.

“After careful consideration, I will need to postpone the taping of the Oprah Winfrey interview scheduled for February 22,” Vick said. “I admire and respect Oprah and hope to be able to participate in an interview in the future.”

Oh but Oprah was not trying to hear it.

She told the Hollywood Reporter that she and her producers worked for months to get him on the show, but for him to bail night before the sit down one-on-one, just sucks.

“He said personal reasons. We’re not going to push it,” Winfrey said, adding that her staff “had been working behind the scenes for months” on the interview.

“We did a field trip with him. We had been shooting with Michael Vick. And the fact that he pulled out and all his people…” Winfrey added. “We move on.”

So instead of Vick, she’ll be airing an interview with David Arquette.