*This photo of Derek Jeter’s colossal piece of real estate in Tampa, Fl. has been a hot topic on several morning shows and blog sites today.

The $7.7 million, 31,000-square-foot waterfront home features two 3-car garages, a swimming pool, a billiards room, a memorabilia room, 9 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms.

It’s taken over a year to build and now stands as the largest home in Hillsborough County.

Under construction on July 15, 2009. The house has two sprawling wings connected by a center section. The house wraps around a pool on the waterfront side.

The home is roughly the size of a BestBuy electronics store and twice the size of the previous No. 1 house, just across Hillsborough Bay on Bayshore Blvd., owned by Lazydays RV SuperCenter founder Don Wallace.

Kered Connors LLC, which lists Jeter as the “sole member,” purchased adjacent waterfront lots on Davis Islands’ Bahama Circle in 2005 and 2006. (“Kered” spells “Derek” backward.) Kered Connors paid $7.7 million for the properties at Bahama Circle and Baffin Avenue.

Jeter is making $21.6 million this season with the New York Yankees.