*It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

A lot of churches may shirk from preaching on pornography but Craig Gross, co-founder of XXXChurch.com, a ministry which helps people addicted to porn, made sure the taboo topic took center stage on the pulpit last Sunday.

During National Porn Sunday, over 300 churches traded their regular sermons for a 40-minute video, featuring Gross and several NFL stars, that will help get their worshippers talking about the problem.

But are Christians who attended church service on Super Bowl Sunday really the ones who need this message?

Yes, according to Gross, who likens pornography to the “elephant in the pew.”

“People assume that porn is that guy over there, not that woman over there, not that grandpa over there, that elder, that pastor or that honor roll student,” said Gross to The Christian Post. “The stereotype with porn is that it’s someone else’s problem but in reality it seems to be lately almost everybody’s problem.”

From experience, Gross said most of the people with whom he has counseled with turned to porn following some trauma in their life, from abuse to depression. Some find it easier to fulfill their sexual desire in a fantasy world then the real world and others simply can’t stop watching it after they stumbled onto it by accident at an early age, said the 35-year-old pastor.

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