*The LA Times is reporting that the top leadership of Egypt’s governing National Democratic Party, which has long been synonymous with corruption and rigged elections, resigned Saturday as the regime struggled to convince the country it was instituting change while still holding onto power.

Among those who resigned was President Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal, who was once thought by some Egyptians to be his likely successor.

Earlier reports by Al Arabiya television and Al Jazeera that President Mubarak had resigned his party role were retracted.

The dismantling of the party’s power structure is a dramatic indication of the pressure on Vice President Omar Suleiman to purge the vestiges of Mubarak’s power and snip the ambitions of his son.

Earlier we reported …

It appeared the resignations were part of negotiations underway to transition the country to a new government, and did not signal that Mubarak would step down as president.

*For what it’s worth, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned as leader of the country’s ruling party today, according to state television.

The 82 year-old president and his son, Gamal Mubarak, were among the leaders of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party who resigned, state television said.