*It’s a sad state of affairs when sex, drugs, gang banging and drug distribution seems to be the only way for recording artists and celebrities to get noticed these days on a national scale.

As I look around at the headline stories that are in magazines and on the Internet websites, all I see is relentless negativity that is thrust in our faces on a daily basis. If you are a Rap artist that is trying to break into the game, if you want to showcase your lyrical skills or speak on social issues, or something uplifting your creative offerings will be met with a collective yawn and the sound of crickets in the background! If you’re an R&B artist and you want to get some airplay in major cities, you better be talking about casual sex, bondage, lesbianism, or bi-sexuality or you won’t ever be heard by the masses. If you’re a young woman who wants to break into modeling or television, you better have a good sex tape as your lead in or your chances for success are about as good as a fat goldfish’s survival in a tank of hungry piranha’s !

If you take a look at most of the top artists in Rap, their claim to fame is built on the amount of drugs they pushed in the past, their arrest records, or their affiliations with street gangs. If you can’t claim or discuss one of those three categories in your songs or in your bio, you are considered “soft” and major labels will shy away from marketing and promoting your music and tell you to come back when you have either shot someone or are facing criminal charges for moving drugs in the streets !

As far as women are concerned in television and in music, if you want to get some national media exposure or get a reality show, you better have a solid “sex tape” that shows you doing some freaky sex acts that would make most prostitutes take notice of your performances in bed or quite frankly “you’re finished before you even get started”. What’s truly amazing is when we take all of this into consideration and see what the media pushes down our throats on a daily basis, why should we be surprised when we see all the drama and violence on the streets across the country ? Clearly, our society has become twisted and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

When young girls look at the so-called role-models these days and we see the likes of a Kim K, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Superhead, and Katt Stacks…we are in DEEP TROUBLE !

So if you’re a parent of teenagers, don’t act surprised if your kids openly curse around adults, make sex tapes, do drugs, or belong to a violent street gang. Just ask yourself if you played any part in this negativity during the last 20 years by not doing a better job of parenting or by casually sitting back doing nothing to try to stop this ignorance. Hopefully, as far as music is concerned, it would be great to see the major record companies and the major radio stations across the U.S. start to push projects with more positive substance attached to those creative offerings and send a clear message to artists everywhere that this foolishness will not be tolerated and promoted any longer. If an artist wants to record a single or album that speaks on pimping young girls, drug dealing or gang banging, then let them know your chances for main stream exposure is going to be extremely limited. They can record what they want, but the marketing dollars won’t be there and the material will stay “underground” where young impressionable teens won’t have to be exposed to this crap every hour on their favorite radio stations or on the various video shows.


On the Rap Music tip, I must make our readers aware of an incredible new Record/Promotion company based out of LOUISVILLE KY. that is called “THE HOOPLA MEDIA GROUP”.

The company is headed by MR. CHAD KISER and MR. JONATHAN HAY and they are one of  the most aggressive and focused companies out in the marketplace today. I have been watching these young businessmen build this company for the last few years and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with what they have done in a very short period of time.

These guys know how to break a record and they have the Internet on lock as far as promotion and marketing is concerned. It seems like everything they touch turns out to be a hit on the creative tip. A case in point is the new album from “THA CHILL” entitled “CHILLAFORNIA.”

When I listened to this project, it had HIT written all over it ! Another CD they are launching is from the one and only “KNOCTURNAL” and it’s called “KNOC’S VILLE”. The songs have clever lyrics, bangin’ beats and a diversified sound that will keep you rockin’ from start to finish !


Another artist that is really gaining a lot of national exposure is a young 16 year old Rapper out of Milwaukee named “QUE.” He has a new single and video out entitled “CAN’T KEEP RUNNIN AWAY” that deals with the subject of “BULLYING.” This song is absolutely INCREDIBLE ! The lyrics are so tight I really have a hard time believing he wrote it himself, BUT HE DID ! Everyone who hears this song is really blown away. EBONY MAGAZINE’S Editor, heard this new song and immediately featured it on the front page of their web site for several days and will also be doing a story on the artist in the physical magazine in the very near future. B.E.T. NEWS will also be doing a cover story on the song/artist in the next few weeks.

You can purchase the song on iTUNES and you can see the video by going to YOU TUBE and typing in “QUE  CAN’T KEEP RUNNIN AWAY”. The project is being released by 3D ENT./TONESTRUCK RECORDS and the promotional effort is being headed by MR. LEE FORD, President of TONESTRUCK RECORDS.

On the R&B side of things, PLEASE do yourself a favor by going to iTUNES and listening to “LENA J” who is one of the BADDEST R&B vocalists on the scene today ! This new artist has a sound that combines OLD SCHOOL HARMONIES & NEW SCHOOL FLAVOR that makes this project a MUST HAVE for your collection. The production was Co-produced by LENA J and the music was provided by the Multi-Platinum Producers “DJ BATTLECAT”, “KIRV”, “BEATMASTA WES” and “AMPLIFIED”. Her album is entitled “PLEASURE, PAIN & PASSION”. I have completely fallen in love with this new CD and once you hear it, you will see why ! I just put this on during the day and groove to it NON-STOP ! GO GET IT…YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED !

Until next time, Stay Safe, Stay Focused and Stay With God.

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