*’Good Hair’, a documentary produced by Chris Rock, had people discussing African American women and their hair. Rock’s documentary addressed the many procedures women will sit through to obtain “good hair.” From hours of hair weave installation to one’s obsession with relaxers, also known as the “creamy crack.” How far would a woman go to obtain “good hair”?

Recently, a Chicago woman was charged with stealing hair! In addition to a theft charge, Shantiara Mitchell is also accused of battery. Mitchell is accused of stealing hair from a local beauty supply. Mitchell is alleged to have grabbed two packs of weave hair, and placed them in her purse.

When confronted by the store owner, Mitchell allegedly resisted, causing a laceration on the store owner’s face. It is alleged that Mitchell fled the store, but was later apprehended by local police. The hair was recovered, and has an estimated value of $20.

As a former prosecutor, I’ve had the opportunity to prosecute a variety of cases. In particular, I have prosecuted theft offenses in the past. If found guilty, Ms. Mitchell is likely facing a fine and/or up to one year in the Cook County Jail for a misdemeanor offense.

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