*Wynton Harvey is 13 years old. If any of us remembers what it was like to  be 13; it’s acne, it’s adolescence and all of a physiological changes which accompany it. It’s discovering the opposite sex (and for some) discovering the same sex. Ultimately, it’s the beginning of the life journey towards finding one’s way and identity.

Now imagine that same moment in the midst of a celebrity father and bitter mother engaged in a very public battle to defame and disrespect one-another.

Note, Mo’Kelly didn’t say “in the midst of a divorce”…that was years ago. This is just more fallout from a failed marriage years ago.

The War of the Harveys (Steve and Mary) isn’t merely a bitter divorce between a celebrity and a relatively unknown spouse. They crossed that bridge years ago. This has now evolved into a quest by mother Mary to destroy the image and credibility of Steve as a relationship expert, game show host and most importantly a father.

Specific insults aside, Mary has alleged that Steve’s infidelity during their marriage flies directly in the face of the success he’s enjoyed as an author on the subject of relationships. She’s argued among other things that Steve has been a bad father in the management of his custodial rights of their son Wynton (Steve has full custody) and a bevvy of other slights meant to injure the public perception of Steve.

Cutting to the chase, Mary is hellbent on proving to the world that Steve is a horrible man, was a horrible husband and is presently a horrible father.

Is any of it true?


Probably…meaning the specificity of her allegations.  Whether any of it ultimately makes Harvey seem less of man, father or husband is for you to decide.

At the same time, marital infidelity by a celebrity male is not only likely, it’s probably a prerequisite, depending on your own personal level of cynicism. Horrible father? Well, Mo’Kelly’s not his son, so can’t be sure. But publicly emasculating a father in full view of the son smacks of highly questionable motherhood.

Attempting to disrobe and defame the father does not make one a better mother, just a bitter one, negatively impacting the growth and maturity of her son on the way to manhood himself.

Long after Harvey’s entertainment star fades, he will still be Wynton’s father. How this somehow brings Mary closer to her son, Mo’Kelly isn’t sure.

Mo’Kelly has had a passing rapport with Steve Harvey over the years. We’re fraternity brothers and Mo’Kelly’s met Mary on more than one occasion. That said, Mo’Kelly won’t romanticize who Harvey is or altogether dismiss what Mary has to say. Just because Mary is bitter, doesn’t mean she’s lying. In truth, it doesn’t really matter who is telling more of the truth or who is losing more face in this situation.  They both have some serious soul-searching to do.

Let’s bring this back to Wynton…

In the past week, his mother Mary has starred on youtube, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on Headline News and Monday weighed in with her side on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Wynton’s father has since filed lawsuit (over the youtube videos). Wynton’s stepmother (Steve’s current wife) has threatened to file lawsuit alleging defamation of character over Mary’s allegations which also implicate her.

This is nothing short of a complete mess. Don’t get it twisted, Mo’Kelly could have offered a 1,200-word scathing editorial, laced with laugh-out-loud moments. This situation is rife with humor and ripe for the taking. On the surface this is very, very funny.  Conversely,  two parents destroying each other in plain view of their son is not.

Puberty is bad enough as it is.

If they treat each other this way in public, there’s no telling how they’ve bad-mouthed each other to their child privately. This is not Whitney and Bobby, who voluntarily paraded their psychoses on Reality TV. Wynton didn’t sign up for any of this and arguably hasn’t been a willing participant.

Sometimes…sometimes, there is more to be gained by giving pause and offering sober analysis for the benefit of all involved. Hopefully this is one of them.

Hopefully both Steve and Mary are listening right now. (If not, the jokes will be up next and they’re nothin’ nice.)

Mary Harvey has a responsibility to respect and protect the son she allegedly loves dearly and is devastated over being unable to see (due to custody arrangement). Her behavior will not in any way improve her lot and surely will cement a level of resentment from her son moving forward. It does not cast her publicly in a sympathetic light and she is only being used by the media to fuel a gossip story.

When Mary finally realizes this truth and also realizes it will not bring about her desired end result, who is to say?  The damage nonetheless will have already been done. Steve Harvey is still Wynton’s father, celebrity stardom or not; never should the child be forced to pay for the sins of the father, both real and imagined.

Conversely, Steve should not attempt to play the public like we’re stupid either in an effort to save face.  Anyone, especially the “relationship expert” should know that fault never rests with one party. Nobody can reasonably say in this instance whether the level of truth in Mary’s rantings matches her level of anger. But everyone can reasonably assume there is some truth and it is fair to recognize the hypocrisy, albeit a poor methodology employed by Mary.

It is unfortunate that Mommy hates Daddy and hate might not even be a strong enough word. It’s sad that Daddy does not respect Mommy and that too may be a weak euphemism on its best day. The greatest disappointment is that seemingly neither Mommy nor Daddy have exhibited common sense and acknowledged how their collective behavior in this moment will irreparably harm their son, who should be more important than either the public perception of Steve or the jilted lover status of Mary.

If anyone deserves an apology or to be compensated for pain and suffering it is Wynton.

All this…for an apology?


Steve and Mary…get it together and quickly or the next editorial will be open season on both of you and it will be nothing nice. The “Family Feud” jokes will still be funny next week…VERY funny and very unforgiving.

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