*Earlier this week I found myself in “The Dogg House” while out reppin’ for EUR. Actually the “House” was an exhibition of rapper Snoop Dogg and his collaboration with Adidas. It combined art, music and fashion as Snoop debuted his new sneaker line.

Colt 45, Adidas, & HVW8 sponsored the event, which took place in LA at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery off of Melrose on Spaulding St. Amongst others Lil Zane and Warren G were in attendance to support Snoop as he rocked the mic with some of his old jams as well as some fresh lyrics from the top of the dome aka “freestyle.”

Reminiscent of an old school cipher, the crowd was filled with hipsters and hip-hop junkies alike. (By the way, the Colt 45 they served up brought me back to high school, reminiscing of times when me and cousin EJ used to sneak and get our home girl BJ to buy us Malt Liquor after work at McDonalds.)

The shoe collection is collaborative effort between Snoop and Adidas. Unlike the whole “let’s put a rapper on a shoe to make money” approach, Adidas actually listened to Snoop and his idea to make the shoe a representation of LA. Snoop is not only a hip-hop icon, he’s also an athlete and he felt it was important to infuse the colors from the LA Lakers into at least one of the shoes.

Since Snoop and Lakers star Matt Barnes are homies naturally Barnes will be rockin’ Snoop’s shoes at some point in the near future, perhaps as early as this weekend’s All-Star Celebration.

While standing in the “free food” line, I had the opportunity to chat it up with Jon Wexler, marketing director at Adidas, who spoke to the evolution of collaborative effort between Snoop and Adidas.

“We started working together in September 2009…the marketing campaign that we did with him started with the Star Wars ad,” Wexler told me. “Snoop is like an entertainer who in his heart is actually an athlete so it was like a no brainer for us to get involved in his youth football league. We’re really just trying to work collaboratively and do cool things. There was such good synergy that we felt like we had to keep going. It really blossomed from just the initial marketing campaign to an entire shoe line.”

The collection features three original designs by Adidas and is in stores now.