Eumika Griffin

* Imagine the vocal power of Jennifer Hudson, fused with Rock influenced vocal delivery with a Praise and Worship message, well that’s what I hears when I listened to the debut album of Eumika Body-Griffin -‘The Greatest Gift” (Make Music Group). I have never heard nothing like it in the Gospel industry.

“The initial prompting (for recording the CD) was from my husband,” Eumika Griffin said about the project. “He’s a trained keyboardist. We wrote our first song while dating 20 years ago…We work well together.”

Eumika’s husband Kevin “Griff” Griffin is producer and co-executive producer on “The Greatest Gift” project. Griffin, a 2008 Gospel Choice Award winner, began singing at the age of four and with the support of her family, church (Church of God in Christ) and husband she is able to share her powerful gift with us.

“God’s hands are on it,” Eumika said about her project.

The former background singer to Ann Nesby and LaShun Pace is a native of Minnesota, but currently resides in Atlanta.

My favorite songs on “The Greatest Gift” Eumika Body-Griffin debut CD are “Make Some Noise” for the guitar support of Keith Barnes; “All of Me”  for the almost whisper like marching drum sound by Jeremy Haynes; “Worship Medley” because of its tight harmony and almost perfect vocals of Eumika; ‘It’s OK,” for the heart-felt message from Christ, and “I Need You” a Pop flavored song supported by the great voices of Sweden’s Veni Vidi Canti Choir – directed by Karin Aase.

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Jazz vocalist Kathy Sanborn is back with ‘Blues for Breakfast’

* “The songs came flowing …and I had to get it out somehow,” Jazz vocalist/songwriter Kathy Sanborn said about the songs that are part of her newest album “Blues for Breakfast” (Pacific Coast Jazz).

Joining Kathy on the new project are Grammy Award nominee Scott Petito on bass, Chris Carey on drums and Wayne Ricci on trumpet. The passionate Blues singer is also an accomplished pianist who said even though all the songs came to her in a special way, “Butterfly” just came flowing out.

“I am always growing as a composer and producer,” Sanborn admits. “I am learning all the time. ‘Blues for Breakfast’ is a product (of what was learned).”

“Blues for Breakfast” is also a unique fusion of Blues, Jazz and R&B. The project offers 10 delicious selections to carry you through your day. As I did, you will find yourself playing it continuously as you take that morning drive.

Those selections I find playing more than others include “Waterfall” for Kathy’s relaxing tone and great piano support; “Painted Blue,” the traditional Blues song; “ Love’s Delight,” for its sentiment and “Butterfly.”

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