Deadmeat is a gritty murder mystery set in inner city London. With rolling news about an American serial killer on the loose, when his brother Bones (Brian Bovell) is found hanged, Clarkie (Q AKA Kwabena Manso) must take on the role of Sherlock Holmes to piece together the clues, stalk his prey and solve the crime.

His task is complicated by a number of crimes from drugs to terrorism; he struggles in his role as sleuth when he must question his brother’s innocence as a (suicidal) victim of a notorious cyber-vigilante who hunts down pedophiles online and after realizing that a price has been put on his head.

His vow to avenge his brother’s murder may be unexpected given that he had an affair with his brother’s fiancé Melanie (Jo Martin – The Crouches) and according to Froggy (Roger Griffiths – Dubplate Drama, Holby City), Bone’s best friend, Bones is responsible for Clarkie’s recent prison stint.

But it seems blood is thicker than water and only revenge will quench his thirst. So it begins to rain bullets as both his former love interest Melanie and his new hacker girlfriend Symone provide him with ammunition.

The film is shot from Clarkie’s perspective. It relies on narration in the main. Interestingly, the initial scenes use pieces to camera and poetry, which creates an ethereal quality, though this is not sustained throughout the film.

The cast is vast and includes luminaries of the Black British acting fraternity including stalwarts such as Wil Johnson (Waking the Dead, In Another World, Adulthood), Robbie Gee (Snatch, Shank), Martina Laird (Casualty, Holby City, Shameless), Clare Perkins (Bullet Boy, Pig Heart Boy), Brian Bovell (The Bill, Gimme Gimme), Cyril Nri (The Bill) and Geff Francis (Desmonds).

Deadmeat DVD


It is nice to see these stars shining and to have spotlight on this array of talent. It is equally refreshing to hear the British accent in an action movie with a multicultural cast – there’s even a black Prime Minister!

As lead Actor, Writer, Producer and Director, Q also has a powerful role in his feature film debut. In taking his novel, which he originally sold from the boot of his car and at nightclubs, to the big screen, it becomes what he terms an ‘autorapography’ in telling his story his way. His style has won accolades including the award for the Black Filmmakers Best British feature and Hollywood’s Accolade Award for Excellence.

There are light moments, particularly with the model shoot where Clarkie meets an uncooperative photographer, and heavier moments such as when Oscar James (Eastenders) makes an urgent plea is made direct to camera to end gun crime. With his next film already in the pipeline, Q continues to balance his multi-talents.

The Deadmeat DVD, including interviews with Q, is out on 7 March. For more information visit

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