*That Fifty Cent has quite a sense of humor. He’s also pretty much insured he’ll never appear on anything Oprah Winfrey has to do with, either.

It’s well documented that he has a problem with the media queen because of past comments about hip hop.

In a hilarious confession on the Conan O’Brien show, Fifty (real name Curtis Jackson), explained why his pooch is named after the most powerful woman on television.

“At first I thought Oprah Winfrey didn’t like Hip-Hop, so I didn’t like her and I hadn’t had a chance to meet her, so I felt it was wrong to hate someone that you hadn’t had a chance to meet. So I bought the dog, so now I love Oprah … She listens to me and everything,” 50 explained.

50 also spoke on his run-ins with Gayle and his subliminal flirting with her. He also says that when he grows his facial hair he can pull the older ones.

Check him out: