Pharrell in Concert: Is he goosestepping?

*Some fans of Pharrell Williams are upset over a gesture he made in concert that appeared to be a Nazi salute, but a rep for the artist insists the allegations are “downright silly.”

Williams hit the stage in Las Vegas with his band N.E.R.D. for a show earlier this week, and he upset some fans by allegedly mimicking the hand gesture previously adopted by infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. While his arm was extended, he commanded the audience to become “one big giant German soldier mosh pit.” [Watch the video below.]

Video footage of the incident ended up on YouTube, provoking further controversy – but the producer/rapper’s aides have moved quickly to shoot down claims he acted inappropriately and offensively.

His rep tells, “You can’t see it because his hand isn’t in the picture, but Pharrell is throwing up the Star Trek sign, which is also the sign for his record label, Star Trak. To suggest that he is doing anything else is wrong and downright silly.”

He also mimicked the Nazi goosestep march at the Vegas concert.  Click here to watch.