*Dr. Conrad Murray’s ex-girlfriend claims he knew something was wrong with Michael Jackson at the start of a phone call he made to her on the day the singer died — a complete contradiction to Murray’s story.

Waitress Sade Anding told “Good Morning America” today that Murray had called her “out of the blue” on June 25, 2009 — and from the beginning of the call, he “didn’t sound like himself at all.”

Anding claims she asked Murray what was wrong and he only replied, “Well ….”

Sade says Murray stopped talking at that point, and that she could hear someone “coughing” in the background, followed by a “mumbling of voices.”

Prosecutors contend Murray was on the phone with someone for five minutes as Michael Jackson lay dying, and that he may have used the time to cover up and make calls to establish his own timeline.

Watch Sade’s interview below.