*Chris Rock is one funny mutha-“shut yo mouth.” The past few months for him have been a blast as he’s made fun of the queen of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey and made an unexpected guest appearance on Kanye West’s latest album.

But he’s not stopping there. He’s on his way to Broadway.

He’s set to be a part of “The Motherf—— With the Hat,” a new play by Stephen Aldy Guirdis.

“You want to give your audience something funny or something good – that can be anything. It can be a play, it can be a movie,” he says. “Hey, I was on Kayne’s record! That’s funnier than probably anything I’ve done in a couple of years. You know what I mean? How can I be funny this year?”

The comedian says the play is a bit like “The Honeymooners’ with drugs.” The storyline depicts a man on parole attempting to live a clean life with a girlfriend who just might push him over the edge, and she ain’t sober.

And who will play the role of the drug counselor? You guessed it, none other than Chris Rock.

“Honestly, it was the best thing I read all last year. It was better than every movie script, every book – it was better than everything,” he says. “I read a couple of other plays and thought, `This is easily the best one I’ve read.'”

The play is set to debut March 15.