*Don’t mess with a feminist or a woman’s right’s activist because you just might get embarrassed, much like Paul Rudd did. But then again from watching his reaction, maybe he wasn’t.

On Saturday (Feb. 26) at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Rosario Dawson hopped on stage and grabbed the actor’s crotch while he was up there groping on Eva Mendes’ breast. Yep, you read right, grabbing her breast.

Although it was scripted, Dawson wasn’t having it.

“I’m a women’s rights activist and I was getting a little tired that he was grabbing her boob onstage for half an hour,” she claimed. “Nothing bad, but it was funny.”

She continued saying, “I was sitting there with my fork like, ‘If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to stab him with my fork’,” Rosario further explained her act. “So I got up there and I stabbed him with my fork, and he didn’t stop, so I was like, alright, I’m going to grab his package.”

While Mendes kept laughing nervously, it seemed as if Rudd wasn’t getting the joke.

The self-proclaimed activist later laughed and shared that it was funny to her. Besides, he had a nice package.

Well the whole thing is pretty stupid if you ask us, but hey, we just report the happenings. Watch: