*Tyrese has decided to be generous with his secrets to success. He’s got the new book coming, two big new films and an album on the way.

“God revealed to me that 2011 was my season. It’s like we’re going to give people permission to want better for themselves. You will not be able to say that you don’t know any better after you get his book. This is not a sales pitch. It’s the truth. Period,” Tyrese told Sister 2 Sister.

The singer and now book writer is out promoting his new memoir “Get Out of Your Own Way.” In the book, he talks about his rough upbringing, his path to stardom, and relationships.

“There are a lot of entertainers out here who are lusting and trying to suck everybody’s finances and money dry. Once they get on top, they’re keeping all the jewels and information and wisdom on how other people can get there for themselves,” he said. “In this book, I put it all out there. I just want to invite people to make an investment in themselves by buying this book. I did it for you.”

Watch Tyrese get in trouble with Wendy Williams while discussing why men cheat: