*So why did she agree to do it in the first place is what some are asking after Ilyasah Shabazz walked out of an interview about her father, Malcolm X.

Richard Prince’s Journal-isms is reporting that the incident happened Wednesday after NPR’s Michel Martin asked Shabazz about controversial passages in Manning Marable’s new book “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.”

The content that apparently upset Ms. Shabazz dealt with alleged infidelity on the part of her mother and her father’s encounter with an older white man during Malcolm’s earlier days as a street hustler.

Shabazz, 48, denied the assertions, saying “my father was an open book” and that she had four unpublished chapters of his autobiography. “And, you know, he is very clear in his activities, which nothing included being gay.” Nothing has surfaced among any of Malcolm’s associates or in government surveillance to substantiate them, she said.

“I’m a little annoyed by this discussion because this is not what I agreed to.”

After Shabazz stated that she was annoyed by the discussion, Martin announced to the audience that her guest had “decided to end the interview,” which was conducted with Martin in Washington and Shabazz in New York.

“When we contacted her made it very clear we wanted to talk about the Marable book and her life today,” Martin told Journal-isms via email, “and I have to tell you for me anyway the second topic — her — was at least as interesting to me as the first.” Referring to “Growing Up X,” Martin said, “I had read her memoir soon after [it] came out in 2002 but I couldn’t find my copy and didn’t remember many details but I remember being fascinated by it so I thought others might be.

“And I have to tell you I honestly thought she might be more reluctant to talk about herself than her father because often that privacy is hard won.

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