*In the wake of President Obama announcing the killing of Osama bin Laden, Herobuilders, a Connecticut based doll maker, is releasing an action figure portraying the commander-in-chief as a modern-day Rambo known as “Rambama.”

The company’s press release says the “Rambama” doll depicts a “super-bad,” muscle-bound president wearing a “Punisher” t-shirt, and carrying a “military issue M4A1 rifle.”

“What’s so odd is that we made an action figure of him before he even became president, after he gave his speech in Chicago (at the 2004 Democratic National Convention),” Emil Vicale, Herobuilders’ president, said. “It never resonated with the public, so we think this is the one.”

“Rambama” costs $34.95.

Previously the company has released action figures of Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, the Old Spice guy and Saddam Hussein among others.