*The remaining three members of Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Cali Swag District have written a song dedicated to late member M-Bone.

The group — now consisting of JayAre, Smoove Da General and Yung — have just released the track “How to Do That” in M-Bone’s honor. [Scroll down to listen.]

“M-Boooooone,” they rap over an echoing, uptempo beat. “Then a n—- did you wrong/On your way to get a blunt, you shoulda put it in a bong/M-Bone lives through me, Smoove, and Yung/So when we all turnt up, he still having fun.”

M-Bone, born Montae Talbert, was gunned down while getting into his car at an Inglewood, CA liquor store on May 15. The 22-year-old was considered “the life of the party,” as Cali Swag rap on “How to Do That,” and played a big part in catapulting the group into the spotlight with “Teach Me How to Dougie,” their popular hip-hop line dance track.

“I love you like no other, a part of Cali Swag there will never be another,” the tribute continues. “We came from the gutter and we made it to the top/The dougie was the dance, so we thought we’d make it pop.”

The track can be heard below, and the current rap trio plan to shoot a video for the song in the future.

Manwhile, a public funeral will be held for M-Bone this Friday (May 27) in Inglewood. Los Angeles police are still looking for his assassin and anyone with information is asked to call their homicide division at (310) 412-5246 or 24-hour anonymous hotline, (888) 41 CRIME, or (888) 412-7463.