*Studios that target African-Americans in their ad campaigns for movies are making a mistake by focusing narrowly on films that feature African-Americans or on storylines that might be especially relevant to black moviegoers, according to a study conducted for BET Networks.

The study, “REEL FACTS A Movie Goer Consumption Study,” finds that African-Americans are bigger movie fans than the general population as a whole, averaging 13.4 visits to movie theaters per year vs. 11 for the general moviegoer population.

In what might be considered a pitch for ads for all types of films on BET’s cable network, the study concluded, “Contrary to what many studios and marketers think, African Americans are a valuable patron of different genres of film and see the platform of television as an important resource in making a decision in this category.”

The study noted that 65 percent of black moviegoers decide what films they want to see based on what they have learned about them in TV commercials.