*People magazine has more details of the events leading to the death of plus size model Mia Amber Davis, though an official cause of death is still pending.

Davis went to a Los Angeles clinic this week for surgery on her knee to ease pain from an old basketball injury exacerbated by wearing high heels and playing tennis.

But after what was supposed to be a routine procedure on Monday, she complained of dizziness and had to be transported to Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center. At about 9 a.m. on Tuesday she was pronounced dead.

“She seemed fine leading up to the procedure,” says Craig Harvey, chief investigator for the L.A. County Coroner. “She had no prior complaints and no significant prior medical history.”

Davis’s sudden and mysterious death at age 36 stunned her family, including husband Michael Yard, and rocked the fashion industry, where Davis was a highly respected and influential plus-sized model based in New York. She also worked as an actress, appearing in “Road Trip.” [Scroll down to watch clip.]

“We’re really heartbroken,” says Madeline Jones, editor of PLUS Model Magazine. “We feel like our whole world collapsed. And the plus-sized industry is never going to be the same. She was such an advocate for plus-sized women. Wherever she went she was made up from head to toe, not a hair out of place. She loved herself. She looked good and felt good.”

The cause of death remains unknown. Results of an autopsy are pending, and reports that a blot clot was to blame are “simply speculation,” says Davis’s cousin, Mignon Moore, a UCLA sociology professor.

“We are absolutely heartbroken and devastated by the abruptness and tragic loss of Mia Amber,” her family says in a statement released by Moore. “She was a role model for people of all colors, shapes and sizes. She was a shining star and always encouraged others to live out their dreams.”

In Road Trip in 2000, a 300-pound Davis appeared in what was played as a comedic love scene with super skinny D.J. Qualls.