*Drake was involved in a scam. Before you allow shock to settle in, know that it wasn’t on purpose.

Andrew Wilson, who did some business with the Young Money artist back in the day used the rapper’s name and an old contract to swindle $500,000 from a South African promoter.

According to reports, a private investigator became suspicious of the scam artist while investigating a fake concert in South Africa. Wilson, 41,  supposedly used old contracts with Drake to convince the promoters that then rapper was going to be there, according to allhiphop.com.

The  duped promoter sent the money to an account in Singapore before being transferred to a bank in Lebanon. Wilson’s 76-year-old aunt has been arrested and is facing charges after police believe that he had put the money into her account.

Wilson has been charged with 14 cases of fraud, impersonation and falsifying documents and was in police custody earlier this month.

Police are still looking for Wilson on two counts of fraud.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t that long ago that Drizzy was involved with anotherAndrew. But the result was a lot more pleasing and profitable, to say the least. Earlier this month, as we reported, he performed at former NBC executive Jeff Zucker’s son Andrew’s bar mitzvah on May 7 in Manhattan. Drake received $250,000 for his performance. He replaced Kanye West who originally wanted $1 million for the gig.