Terrell Owens

*Antonio Edwards, 35, is being sought by Atlanta police because he’s accused of using NFL star Terrell Owens’ Bank of America account to make monthly rent payments for an apartment in the Buckhead section of the city.

Edwards, along with another man, Anthony Watson, 34, lived in the Post Alexander apartment complex from November 2009 through November 2010, according to police documents.

Edwards was paying the $2,100 a month rent note online by using the Post (Properties) Resident Portal, according to police records. The portal generates an email each time a tenant signs in to pay rent and sends a confirmation email to that resident.

Post Properties officials met with Atlanta police detectives in February, and provided them with the confirmation emails as well as bank records from the Bank of America account. Investigators interviewed then Owens in April.

Owens confirmed to police that Edwards was a former employee of his but that neither he nor Watson had permission to use his Bank of America account.