*Feisty sista Golden Brooks, known for her Maya Wilkes character from the UPN show “Girlfriends,” is back on the scene, figuring out how to balance motherhood and work.

Her latest film project, “The Inheritance” is out on DVD, but her ventures aren’t stopping there. She’s currently searching for a new film and reading scripts that will work with her busy mom life now.

In an interview with VIBE Vixen, she shared about the challenges of maintaining the balancing act of life, motherhood, and career. She also shared a sneak peak into “The Inheritance.”

“It’s about five friends, play cousins, if you will, that actually go back to their home in Minnesota for a family reunion, and actually, they are going back to get this inheritance that one of the elders had left but in the interim they go back to learn. Their big uncle, which is played by Keith David is there to hold a ritual with all the elders who are much older and they’re there to teach us about our past lineage, about our African lineage and to learn something. It’s not to just go back there to get this inheritance, it’s about learning about our past and our roots and they have this whole ritual kind of performance that they’re putting on⎯a whole weekend of this to sort of educate us and of course all the other cousins are like I don’t want to do this, this is crazy, this is ridiculous we just want the money. My character is probably the only one there that really wants to learn something from the elders and learn about our past history and lineage and it kind of turns out to be Rosemary’s baby. My character becomes the host and because she’s the good girl and rigid and the doctor and very a emotional she kind of turns in and pretty much becomes like one of them what happens is this spirit this slave called Chakabazz from the slavery time has come back and haunts this generation and it’s very scary and very spooky but it taps into our African lineage which is what makes the story far more layered than just your typical horror film or thriller film.”

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