*While President Obama and the rest of the nation spent Memorial Day paying tribute to American veterans, doomsday preacher Harold Camping predicted Monday that corpses of the “unsaved,” which includes those in the U.S. Armed Services, will be flung out of their graves and on the ground like “manure” on October 21, according to The Christian Post.com.

Camping’s comments during the Open Forum program on Family Radio Monday came one week after he publicly recanted his predicted date of Rapture, changing it from May 21 to October 21.

He has persistently maintained that his dates for a May 21 Judgment Day and a October 21 Doomsday are accurate. The only adjustment in his forecast, according to Camping, is that the judgment on May 21 came in a “spiritual” sense rather than a physical one marked by disasters like earthquakes.

Judgment Day on May 21 did come, asserted Camping. However, he clarified that the Judgment Day arrived in a spiritual sense rather than manifesting in a physical Rapture.

On Monday, a caller asked Camping whether they would see any signs from Deuteronomy 28, beginning with verse 15, fulfilled in the coming End Days. The passage refers to the curse of God for those who disobey his teachings.

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