*That super sexy Rick Ross is not one to be ashamed of his oh so hot bod. No he isn’t.

So on the cover of June/July issue of Vibe magazine, the rapper is showing off his shirtless self all covered in tattoos and dripping with diamond chains. He was chosen for the magazine’s “sexy issue” and the interview got a little x-rated.

The rapper and his Maybach Music crew was really candid throughout the session and just spilled out about his life.

“I be sliding through the ‘hood, I can’t lie,” Ross said when asked of the kind of women that he goes for. “I love extravagant exotic women, but I come from the ‘hood at the same time. So if I’m in my Chevy riding through the ‘hood and you see one of those ghetto girls in a hot pink shirt, you’re just like ‘Hey, put your number in this.’ I’m still in touch with the ‘hood like that.”

The group even joked about hooking up with crackheads and oral sex.

Like the player and free spirit he is, Ross said he’s not looking for love right now and it’s unlikely he will be committing to any one anytime soon.

“I can’t sleep the whole night with a chick,” Ross says. “Before sunrise, shorty, you got to go.”

Gee, thanks for keeping it real, Rick