*After the release of the controversial ESPN documentary, “Fab Five,” a lot of drama and tension was generated between Jalen Rose and Grant Hill.

In the movie, Rose, a former Michigan basketball player, said his teammates had resentment toward Hill and his school, saying that Duke only recruited Black guys who were “Uncle Toms.”

A media frenzy ensued and created an unnecessary buzz about college age comments.

So that just fueled Grant to write a column in the New York Times about Rose’s comments.

But all was really quite juvenile since the former NBA player and now sports commentator does not necessarily feel the same way in his old age. And now he may be feeling the pinch for his comments about the past. Folks have criticized Rose for his teenage feelings. However, the two athletes had time to sit down and hash some things out.

The two are actually lending each other support in different ways.

“Any time, for example, you have a critically acclaimed piece like the Fab Five documentary has been, you’re going to have 99 percent of the people that love it, but when you have the brutal honesty, you’re going to have that 1 percent on the other side of the coin, so to speak,” Rose said Saturday to the Detroit media. “I definitely talked to Grant and reached out to Coach K, and again clarified that that was how I felt as a high school recruit.”