*While reporting on the struggles that Jennifer Hudson is having convincing a major publishing house to distribute her weight-loss book, black gossip site, Bossip, finds itself in the crosshairs of the singer/actress.

She is too pissed at the site’s headline that says:

Publishers Would Rather Try To Make Money from the Hudson Family Murders than J. Hud’s Slimmy Trimmy-Dom.”

Monday, an angry Hudson tweeted:

everyday I wake up I’m constantly reminded how cruel n heartless the world is.

The slimmed down Hudson, who lost 80 pounds also tweeted:

Bossip U owe me an apology! Y would u take someone’s tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it?

Bossip’s response is that Hudson totally took the headline the wrong way. They say their point is that she’s been “shopping a book about her weight loss for four years, and while publishers are interested, they’re not convinced it’s worth the $1 million she’s reportedly asking for without her talking about her family.”

Unfortunately for Ms. Hudson that seems to be the bottom line. But apparently seeing it spelled out that way was too hard to digest.

Do you think the headline was out of bounds?