*TMZ is now reporting that murdered Cali Swag District member M-Bone may have been targeted after a Twitter war over a girl.

Sources say M-Bone’s friends have been telling investigators that he started seeing a girl after he returned to Los Angeles from his tour.  M-Bone’s friends say a guy who lived in the woman’s building didn’t like the relationship, and allegedly began threatening M-Bone via Twitter.

“We’re told M-Bone did not back down and the two men started cyber smack-talking each other,” TMZ reports.

The site is also reporting that the black car in which M-Bone was shot is registered to the woman.

Police are trying to figure out why M-Bone was driving the woman’s car and whether the cyber war is in any way related to the shooting.

According to TMZ, witnesses claim the shooter fired, left, then pulled a U-turn and came back around, possibly to see if he hit his target.