*Perhaps in line with reestablishing good graces among fans and animal lovers, or maybe it’s just out of spite, Michael Vick’s home is going to be sold to animal rights group Dogs Deserve Better.

The organization is purchasing the athlete’s former dwelling spot and plans to transform it into a dog sanctuary called the Good Newz Rehab Center, according to terezowens.com.

Things could wrap up Friday (May 27). So far the Dogs Deserve Better have raised more than $175,000 to cushion the cost of opening the center.

“We are ecstatic to get on the ground and start the transformation of this property and the entire community which was brought to its knees by the brutality that occurred,” Tamira Thayne, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, told the site. “It’s a new day; we are sending a message that animal abuse is out of line with what our country’s citizens want. Dogs are family members, part of the pack, and we must honor and respect them as such.”

The organization is just $80,000 short of closing the deal.