*A new book written by music writer Jason Draper takes readers on a journey through the life and career of superstar musician Prince. Appropriately titled “Prince: Chaos, Disorder and Revolution,” the book takes a deep look at the details of his life and music from 2004 on, revealing never uncovered insights about the singer.

This is the third biographical book written over the past 20 years about the artist. Why another at this moment? Draper explained that he has something new to offer.

“Prince has led such a confusing life in many respects – changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol; revoking his salacious past in favor of living by the Jehovah’s Witness faith – that I think some of the more bewildering choices that he’s made are in danger of overshadowing his truly groundbreaking achievements. Especially in the mainstream, tabloid press, he’s become an object of ridicule from early on,” the writer shared. “Yet, people are only just beginning to understand and get to grips with the repercussions of his Internet revolution and fight with Warner Bros., while, if you turn on the radio, you’ll hear any number of ’80s throwback electro-poppers striving to achieve what Prince did (The-Dream, La Roux, etc). Everything he started is in full effect today, yet he’s not necessarily given the credit for it. I’m hoping this book will set the record straight in that respect. It’s a celebration, not gossip.”

Draper was also asked if his book uncovers something that no one else has found out yet. And also, how challenging was it to research someone who rarely gives interviews?

“Well, this is the first book to tell the story from 2004 onwards, so, up until now, Prince’s massive “Musicology”-era comeback onwards hasn’t been fully documented. And then you have 2006’s “3121” album being his first U.S. album to debut at number-one in the charts. Over in the UK in 2007, he gave “Planet Earth” away for free with newspapers, causing Columbia to tear their contract up with him over here. There’s this whole latter period of Prince’s life that’s not been fully laid out, and it’s as full of personal triumphs (the record-breaking “21 Nights In London” run) and typical lows (endless legal battles) as the rest of his career. It’s continually fascinating. He’s also given at least one major interview – sometimes more – almost every year in the past decade. Again, perfectly stage-managed, he’s retained that mystique while maintaining a public presence too.”

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