*Reality television is the wave of the future of television and celebrity secondary income.

R&B singer Keke Wyatt recently confirmed a reality television series with other genre greats like Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert from Brownstone, Syleena Johson, Tweet, Kelly Price, and Angie Stone.

In an interview with YouKnowIGotSoul.com, Wyatt shared, “Basically going into our lives and showing that we’re not only singers of R&B, we’re also mothers and we lead lives like regular women do.”

Along the lines of other popular shows like “RHofA” and “Basketball Wives” and all the other favorites, the show captures the experiences of these women.

The show will offer a perspective not naturally known to fans like life at home, grocery shopping, and even behind the scenes decisions that ultimately affect their careers.

“We’ll be in the store grocery shopping and our baby decides it wants to poop everywhere or throw up all over us while we’re right in the middle of a grocery store. At the same time, people are like ‘Oh my God how are you doing! Can I have your autograph!’ and I’m thinking ‘Oh yea I’m going to give you an autograph with sh*t all over the front of my clothes!’”

No word yet when the show will debut.