*Beyonce’s performance of “Run the World (Girls)” at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony on Sunday was incredible. However, the pop queen is getting flack from some quarters because the production seemed to mirror the one put on by Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini in 2010.

(Scroll down to watch their mashed up performances side by side)

The graphics for the performance were created by media artist and film director Kenzo Digital. He admitted Beyonce and co. were inspired by Cuccarini, but reminds that the concept has been around since the ’80s.

“[The Cuccarini artists] are awesome and do incredible work as well, but there are a lot of different inspirations for where our piece came from,” Kenzo explained to The Amp. “…It’s just a bare white screen. It’s a technique in video art since the ’80s in terms of frontal projection and interactive things. That’s really nothing new. It’s not even a new technology. It’s just an incredibly simple, awesome storytelling device, and with a performer like Beyonce it becomes incredibly powerful.”

“Run the World (Girls)” is the lead single from Beyonce’s forthcoming album “4” to debut this summer.

Check out Beyonce and Lorella Cuccarini’s performances side by side: