*Now that Jim Tressel has stepped down as Ohio State head football coach amid allegations of improprities and illegal benefits given to some of his players, the glare of the media is now targeting star quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor, one of the more coveted high school players ever before walked on the Ohio State campus, very well could be the straw that breaks the camel back as it relates to the school facing harsh NCAA penalties.

Already facing a five game suspension at the start of the 2011 college football season for hocking off his Big Ten championship ring in exchange for some benefits at a tattoo parlor, Pryor is now being investigated in relations to having access to cars and other off the chart benefits. The NCAA has launched a probe into the purchase of 50 cars by Ohio State players, friends and family members.

Pryor,  who led Ohio State to a Sugar Bowl over Arkansas, is suspected of violating NCAA rules. Pryor is allegedly to have had access to more than six vehicles since he’s been on campus for the last three years, which would result in major NCAA violations. If the reports hold true, it’ s a good bet that Pryor has played last collegiate football game.