David Tyree and Damon Marks (TGF founder/guitarist)

*Super Bowl Champion David Tyree (formerly of the N.Y. Giants) surprised the children at the Burnett Middle School in Union, New Jersey during a recent Traveling Guitar Foundation-sponsored event.

The students and faculty were treated to performances by several artists including Willie Brown (Alicia Keys’ guitarist), founder/guitarist Damon Marks, rock guitarist Vince Genella, pop singers students Tiffany Araya (Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music) and Melaner Quiroz (Thomas Kean College).

In addition, Brown and Genella showcased their talented students during the program.

Tyree shared his experiences with the youngsters and offered words of encouragement to them while stressing the importance of obtaining a good education.

Needless to say, the students had a great time and were thrilled to receive the TGF’s donation of Dean acoustic/electric guitars, Line 6 Amps and Mogami Cables.

About the Traveling Guitar Foundation
The Traveling Guitar Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance and support to instrumental music programs for students across the country. Our goal is to inspire and educate children through music by ensuring that these music programs are always available to them.

For more, visit: www.travelingguitarfoundation.org.

Photos from the event:

Ray Salvatore, (Principal, BMS), Chet Czaplinski, (Vice Principal, BMS), pop singer Tiffany Araya (TGF), Ron Rago (Creative/Visual Arts teacher, BMS), singer Melaner Quiroz (TGF), Damon Marks(Founder, TGF), David Tyree, guitarist Ryan, Linda Gaglione(Member, Township of Union Board of Education), guitarist Vince Genella (TGF, Director, Productions),Bob Baigas (Vice Principal, BMS), guitarist Willie Brown(Alicia Keys), Anre' "NJ REY" DaCosta (DIOS Music/ TGF, Director, Business Development),guitarist Victor Vergara, Sandra Trim-DaCosta (TGF, Executive Director), Carlos Araya (TGF, Production Manager)

Anre' ‘NJ REY’ DaCosta, (DIOS Music/TGF, Director, Business Development), Bob Baigas (Vice Principal.,BMS), Sandra Trim-DaCosta (TGF, Executive Director), RaySalvatore, (Principal, BMS), Damon Marks(TGF Founder)Linda Gaglione(member, Township of Union, Bd of Ed), Ron Rago (teacher,BMS), David Tyree, guitarist Vince Genella (TGF, Director. Productions)

Sandra Trim-DaCosta
Executive Director
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