Los Angeles, CA Destined for success, Tasha Biltmore aka Tasha B overcame countless obstacles to become the woman she is today.

Enduring four divorces and struggling to raise her three daughters, Tasha was no stranger to hardships.  Yet, she took fate into her own hands and relocated to Hollywood Hills, CA to finally pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an author and screenplay writer.

Tasha B is in her prime and is living life to the fullest! She states “After my 4th divorce I am still standing and I feel better than ever. Each of the men in my life have taught me so much and I don’t regret any of them but I also knew that I had to move on from each of them in order to be a good role model for my daughters. If you’re not happy it’s time to move on.”

“Innocent Eyes” is filled with Tasha B’s favorite poems and through them you are able to go through her journey with her! It’s a must read! The book will also come with a CD where Tasha will perform her poems.

Tasha B’s Promo Party Dates:

Date          Venue                                           City                     Time

June 3rd     Bakers Keyboard Lounge  Detroit, MI             8pm-11pm

June 18th    ReBirth Westwood, CA      7pm-10pm

Tasha B’s Book Signing Dates:

June 27th    Barnes & Noble Grove        Los Angeles, Ca. Time: TBD

June 29th    Zaharas Bookstore               Inglewood, Ca. Time TBD

July 8th The Black Madonna                     Detroit, Mi. Time TBD

July 9th       Barnes & Nobles                     Dearborn, Mi. Time TBD

July 16th     Hue Man                                   New York  Time TBD

Aug. 12th   Marcus Books                          San Francisco, Ca. Time TBD

Aug. 24th   Black Madonna                        Atlanta, Ga. Time TBD

Next for Tasha B is her movie based on one of her poems in the book. More details will be released SOON!



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(626) 513-3482