Les Nubians

*Born in Paris and raised in France, sisters Helene and Celia Faussart are known as Les Nubians. The Grammy Award nominated duo is the biggest French-singing group that have succeeded in America. Recently, on the Shanachie imprint, Les Nubians released their forth album titled “Nu Revolution.”

“The first …song at the end, the second had a little bit more and this, a bit more because… we’re more at ease,” Celia said about the use of English on the CD.

What makes the French speaking Les Nubians successful in America is their music and vocal style that transcends the language barrier. “Nu Revolution” has that multi-cultural Afro-European World Music sound fused with spoken word, blended with Hip-Hop, Urban R&B and Neo-Soul.

Featured artists include Manu Dibango, Blitz the Ambassador, Eric Roberson, John Banza and Freshly Ground.

“We were singing at home a lot with some friends on a personal level,” the duo explained about their humble beginnings. “A friend in a Reggae band said people need to hear your voices. We did it because we enjoy it.”

The ladies went on to say that they performed three songs that night and the next day a local newspaper wrote about them in a positive-light. That write-up, along with their friends’ words of encouragement, was all the sisters needed. Not too long afterwards they signed to Virgin Records, France.

In 1998 they released “Princesses Nubiennes,” their debut album. Their second album, “One Step Forward,” garnered them the Grammy nominated song “”Je Veux D’la Musique.” In 1999 they received a Soul Train Lady of Soul Award for “Best New Artist, Group or Duo” and two NAACP Image Awards nominations in 2000. In 2005 Les Nubians executive produced and released, “Echos, Chapter One,” on their own label – Nubiatik (a joint venture with Triloka Records).

If you want to be taken to France while dancing to the rhythms of African, the beats of Hip-Hop and getting philosophically deep on their spoken word skills, then Les Nubians’ “Nu Revolution” is for you. My favorite cuts on the CD include “Vogue Navire” for its smooth vibe all the way through and “Les Gens” featuring Blitz the Ambassador because Blitz reminds me of Busta Buss, one of my favorite artists, and also for it’s perfect blend of Funky and Urban styles.

“Be original…respect the audience,” the sisters said when asked to give advice to artists trying to be established. “Know…It’s a lot of work.”

For more information on Les Nubians or their “Nu Revolution” CD release log onto www.LesNubians.org.

Season finale’ of TV One’s ‘LisaRaye: The Real McCoy,’ funny, tear-provoking and shocking

*I must admit my busy schedule didn’t allow me to see too many episodes of the second season of TV One’s “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy” reality series, but having an advance viewing of the hour long finale’ made me realize, again, why the show was picked up. I laughed so hard I am sure the neighbors heard me. The hour long finale’ airs Thursday May 26, 2011 at 9:00 p.m.

LisaRayes’ in your face personality mixed with her big heart took me from one emotion to another. She had me “ooowwwing” and “aaawwwing” when her baby, KaiMorae, turned 21 and wanted to take her crew to Las Vegas. Then I laughed and laughed while she scolded her daughter and her dog for a “messy” issue, dog was so cute!

Don’t get me started on LisaRaye taking everyone on a camping trip – the lady in white – see, I bet you’re laughing too! The trip was so funny until she scared everyone near to death. All in all it was the shocker at the end that will have me penning down on my calendar to tune into TV One on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

The “LisaRaye: The Real McCoy” reality show is produced for TV One by Evolution Media and is executive produced by LisaRaye, creator Datari Turner, Kathleen French, Gregory Stewart and Douglas Ross.

LisaRaye is an NAACP Image Award nominee who was the main lady in Sisqo’s “Incomplete” and Tupac’s “Toss It Up” music videos before starring in the New Line Cinema film The Players Club with Bernie Mac, Jamie Foxx and Ice Cube – who was writer/director. She also starred in Beauty Shop and “Love Chronicles.” LisaRaye is best known for her role as Neesee James in Will and Jada Smith’s “All of Us” with Duane Martin,

If you missed the finale’ log onto www.TVOneOnLine.com for possible re-airing dates/times and fine more on LisaRaye at www.LisaRaye.TvOneOnline.com.