Phoenix VIP Events and Black Radio Exclusive have agreed to join forces in the Southwestern United States to promote, advertise, publicize and plan major entertainment events. (LtoR) David Marshall Pryce, President and CEO, The PVIPE Group; Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul and Sidney Miller Jr, Founder and Publisher, BRE Magazine backstage at the Chicago Theater earlier this month.

*PHOENIX, AZ – Phoenix VIP Events (The PVIPE Group), has agreed to represent the Southwest United States for Black Radio Exclusive (BRE) Magazine, the nation’s premiere magazine for Black entertainment and news.

Founded in 1976 by its Publisher Sidney Miller, Jr., BRE Magazine has consistently been the vanguard for up to the minute news regarding the nation’s most notable stars of radio, television and motion pictures for 35 years.

David Marshall Pryce, President and CEO of The PVIPE Group, began his career on the west coast as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at BRE Magazine. “David Pryce is relentlessly loyal to both his clients and the publications he represents,” says Miller,

“The goals of his clients become his personal goals. David is extraordinary at creating a marriage between client and project. The result is that all concerned live happily ever after. We are extremely pleased to be working with him once again.”

Prior to creating The PVIPE Group, David began Phoenix VIP Events as a leader in revolutionary grassroots marketing and has now expanded into a full-service agency with

web, mobile and new media methods. “We provide consulting, strategy and execution for all aspects of our client’s marketing initiatives, including music, film, fashion, sports, new media and consumer products. Our company is comprised of a talented and creative group of people who are passionate about their work and the combining of marketing methods resulting in maximum visibility. Our company culture is intense, excited, hard-working, inspiring, innovative and obsessed with delivering value and innovation to our clients.”

Realizing that the upscale city of Tempe where he and his wife Amy (Vice President and Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer of The PVIPE Group) reside needed to further its efforts toward giving back to the community, David organized charitable events to benefit hospices for those whose lives were ending and food banks for those who were among the hungry.

A member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, Pryce is praised throughout Arizona for his generosity, time and effort spent in fundraising throughout the state. Among various charities that he is associated with are: the Mill Avenue District Community Arts Project (MADCAP), the Hospice of the Valley, the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and the Hispanic Community Liaison to name a few.

Hugh Hallman, the Mayor of the City of Tempe, in a letter to Pryce, thanked him for his willingness to be an active part of the community, and has welcomed his recommendations and suggestions as to how the City can better serve both its’ businesses and its’ residents.

One of the PVIPE Group’s companies, Phoenix VIP Events has most recently been contracted by The Wrigley Mansion of Phoenix, Arizona to produce and stage a “Membership VIP Appreciation Event.” The gala to be held in late May or early June will feature performances to include an International Artist who is yet to be announced.

Following in the footsteps of his father George C. Pryce, former Editor and Publisher of Modern Black Men (MBM) Magazine and legendary publicist at Death Row Records, David M. Pryce personifies the same work ethic as his father and is destined to go down in history as someone to make us proud.



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