*Realty TV is really being ravished by Hollywood. Everyone and their mama has a show somewhere about their lives. But there is one celeb who is still in the outs on that deal: Amber Rose.

A representative from VH1 recently dispelled rumors that the model has no series at this time.

However, sources say that she’s shot a pilot for the show tentatively titled “Behind Her Shades,” which would follow her as she opens up her own store.

Rose did tell the world she was working on a series and claimed to have given it a home.

“I have a reality show that’s gonna come out on VH1,” Amber claimed. “I start filming early June. So that’s going to be incorporated in the show.” Amber plans to sell sunglasses of all styles at her shop, but there would be a special emphasis on vintage shades. “The shop isn’t up right now. You’ll see the process I have to go through… It’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come,” she shared.

The show would not only focus on her business ventures, but also her life and family.

“My show’s gonna be an open book of my life, my family, my businesses,” Amber explained. “It’s everything that’s behind them that people don’t know about but they’ll learn and part of that is my shade shop.”

Oh well, too bad it’s not gonna happen outside your imagination at least for now.