*Sean, er, Sean Combs, er Diddy, er, P. Diddy, er, Puff, er Puffy, er, Puff Daddy … has done the unimaginable … again. Yep, he’s changed his name one mo’ ‘gin.

Ladies and gentlemen, you may now call him Swag. Yes, Swag.

He says it’s in honor of his comeback from his illness that killed the last dates of his recent “Coming Home” tour with his group, Dirty Money.”

Oh, by the way, you only have to call him Swag for the next 7 days. One week only.

Mr. Swag made the startling announcement via his new Twitter account and the YouTube video below.

And just in case you are hipster deficient, so to speak, and you haven’t figured out where the word “swag” comes from, it – of course – comes from the word swagger and according to the Urban Dictionary is defined as “How one presents him or her self to the world.”