*LisaRaye has been pretty open about her life lately, especially with the reality show. She recently sat down with VH1 and discussed her relationship with her former husband, Michael Misick – the former premiere of Turks and Caicos – calling it a “business relationship.”

She said she wasn’t in love with Misick and admitted that the two would date during their marriage in hopes to blossom love.

When asked if she rushed into marriage, she retorted with a swift “No he was a ho,” referring to the many women he had.

Now starring in another scripted show (VH1’s “Single Ladies”), where she plays the role of a single woman, as she is now.

She used to have this 90-day rule about sex, but she recently had a change of heart about it all.

“If I really feel like I wanna get down right then, I am really grown. I can do that.” She did, however, note a conflict between the “spiritual journey” she’s now on, adding that she worries about her faith’s rules on fornication and masturbation