*President Barack Obama’s visit to Dublin, Ireland caused some unexpected amusement earlier today when either his car, or a car in his motorcade, got stuck cold while trying to leave through the U.S. Embassy gates.

Some reports say it was Obama’s car that got caught on the ramp as it drove out of the gates, producing a loud metallic sound and causing the vehicle to become stuck — and onlookers to fall out laughing.

“I think it was really the comedy of it,” one onlooker told BBC News. “There was so much drama with the guys in the secret service, and for them to come out at the final moment and we were expected to wave – and to hear the big bang!”

She added: “I think there was a degree of shock.”

Obama’s security quickly checked to discover the cause of the problem, before security vehicles swooped in to block the public’s view of the incident.

The president’s car later left the embassy via a different gate to cheering from the amused onlookers.

Watch it all below: