*Question. Did Serena Williams cross the line with her super sexy Twitter picture/avatar? Yes, we’re talking about the one of her seen through sheer curtains in noting but a bra and panties.

Anyway, the question was did she cross the line with this photo, which by the way, has been removed from said Twitter page. We ask because it hasn’t been two weeks since we reported that a man, 40-year-old Patenema Ouedraogo, had been arrested and charged with stalking the tennis star.

In the wake of that incident Williams went and uploaded the photo above which a lot of folks see as inappropriate and reckless. Hmm, maybe someone told her it wasn’t smart and bordered on hypocrisy.

So what do you think? Was it the wrong move in light of the stalker situation or should Serena, who has a history of showing her body in sexy ways, say damn the critics – and would be stalkers – and keep it moving?