Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Choir performs 'Detroit State of Mind.'

*Jay Z and Alicia Keys are going to have to move over.  There’s a new town on the map with a group of singers that could inspire anyone to greatness.

Detroit, affectionately known as the D, is under attack by the media and all flowers of hope that are flourishing there cannot be seen.  But, the young people in the city that are just beginning their lives there are not going to let their city go quietly into the night.

Detroit’s Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS) Choir has remade Jay Z and Alicia Keys hit, “Empire State of Mind” into their own.  The kids are intelligent and give an interview on the local Fox station, so that not only is the song performed, but you get a bird’s eye view of the hope of the city.

If the future of the city is in these children, it indeed shines bright. (more…)