*Let’s face it. Most people have received a call from an annoying debt collector, tricking you into paying off your debt in one fail swoop, or even intimidate you into giving up unnecessary information. Well now it’s time to take your power back and arm yourself for the next obnoxious call.

According to Black Enterprise, debt collection agencies train their collectors do everything possible to collect a debt and close out an account as rapidly as possible. Sometimes, unfortunately, the unscrupulous ones will even tell you bald-faced lies in an effort to scare you or quickly squeeze money from your wallet.

Debt collectors are typically well-trained individuals who deal with hundreds of cash-strapped consumers every single month. Consequently, they know what questions to ask, how to intimidate you, and what buttons to push, in order to get what they want.

In light of these facts, it’s important to be aware of the tactics debt collectors often use, including the lies that many are trained to tell.

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