*Brother Leopard, from New York International Manmin Church gives his testimony of being healed of AIDS:

The Christian Telegraph reports that in June of 2009, I felt like I had become very weak. I coughed a lot and a skin tumor appeared along with pain. I received prayer of a few well-known pastors to be healed, but it was of no use, reports Manmin News.

I had medical check-in Central Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. The result showed that I had pneumonia and AIDS. I was treated with strong drugs, but it became just worse. I felt pain even when I breathed.

However, I always thought that God would be able to heal me. In the meantime, Dr. Jaerock Lee came to my mind. I watched Peru Crusade and New York Crusade with Dr. Lee through the videos which my friend’s mother gave to me two years before. As I watched, His power struck me.

I started to watch the programs of Manmin TV through Internet in August of 2009. I felt like I talked to God face to face when listening to Dr. Lee’s message. I listened very carefully with tears.

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