*TV personality and industry veteran Byron Allen has announced plans to launch a high-definition channel early next year with programming intended for an African-American audience, reports IndieWire.com.

Allen’s company, Entertainment Studios, has created Legacy.TV as a vehicle for programs on black history and biographies of African-American leaders.  The venture is still in search of a TV or satellite provider for carriage, according to IndieWire.

“The mission of Legacy.TV is to celebrate African-American excellence everywhere,” said Allen in a statement.  “Our goal and commitment is to make Legacy.TV an engaging and compelling platform which communicates the entire African- American journey.  All content will be originally produced in-house to insure the highest level of creative quality, as well as the ability to distribute our content globally on all platforms.”

Entertainment Studios currently produces six niche-oriented HD channels including ES.TV, Comedy.TV, Pet.TV, Car.TV, Recipe.TV, and MyDestination.TV. All are presently being carried by Verizon’s FiOS TV service and other outlets.